stress and the immune systems

research into how stress affects the immune system

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Name Procedure Results Evaluation
Cohen et al. 394 p's complete q's on the no. The chance of + Measured health
(1993) of stressful life events in the developing a cold outcomes.
last year. Rated degree of significantly + Reviewed to ensure
stress + level of negative correlated with ethical.
emotions. stress index - No direct manipulation
These 3 scores gave a stress score. of IV.
index. - Doesn't say which bit
P's exposed to common cold of stress index most
virus. important.
No. whose cold's developed - Protection from harm.
into clinical colds recorded.
Kiecolt-Glase 75 med students preparing for NK cell activity - Didn't assess actual
r et al. final exams. dramatically illness outcomes.
(1984) Natural killer (NK) cell activity reduced in high - Reductions seen may
used as index of immune stress samples. be to small to increase
function. Greatest chance of illness.
NK measured 1 month b4 exms reductions came - No IV manipulation.
& during exams. from those with
P's filled out q's on negative highest social
life events & social isolation. isolation.
Segerstrom + Meta-analysis. Acute stress = + Meta-analysis.
Miller ^immune system.
Chronic stress =
immune system ^
beyond that
which is adaptive.
(reduced immune


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