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Situation : put yourself in their shoes
Ali was a happy content baby but recently has become withdrawn and is less interested in
playing with his toys
Explain why his behaviour may have changed?
Tom took an early retirement due to stress
Discuss how stress might influence an individual's development
Maura and her mother Yana live in a small house in an area of the UK prone to flooding. Last
year, the flooding was heavy and prolonged leading to disruption of clean water supplies and
sewerage services. Yana is over 80 years of age and in the early stages of dementia. She
refused to leave the house during the flooding due to reports of looting of properties. Maura is
a schoolteacher almost 50 years of age and experiencing the symptoms of the menopause and
Q: Explain the cause of stress?
A: Maura and her mother will be very stressed during the flood. Mainly it will affect them
physically and emotionally as it may affect their overall health dramatically that will be stressful
after the incident.
Physically she may be stressed and tired and poor hygiene may make Maura and her mother
very ill and the water will make illnesses and diseases easily spread.
Both must be tired and stressed which could be due to lack of sleep. They may become
dehydrated which will make Maura more stressed as she got to look after her mother as she
cannot look after herself
Intellectually Yana may be confused on where she is and maybe forget who her daughter and
the tragic event may confuse her even more since her daily routine would have changed this
will increase the stress of the situation as Maura will have to deal with her mother's condition.
Maura might be used to this and have learnt from her mistakes made in the past during other
floods and know how to deal with the situation more effectively than before, this might reduce
the stress of what is happening.
Emotionally they may be bored and feel helpless to improve their situation. This might Maura
make her short tempered towards her mother if she keeps asking questions. This will probably
upset both of them.
Maura is going to have to deal with the situation and look after her mother as well which can
be draining and upset both of them. Maura may feel helpless to help the situation and worried
about her mother's health and wellbeing.
Socially they might make new friends, a positive to a bad situation as team work will get them
through, and this can help reduce stress.
Their relationship may become more distant if Maura is making her mother do things against

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