Stratford (Sport and Retail-led Regeneration) Case Study

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Stratford is a town and district in east London, England, in the London Borough of Newham. It is in
West Ham and located 6 miles (9.7 km) east northeast of Charing Cross and is one of the major
centres identified in the `London Plan'. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in London, United Kingdom,
is a sporting complex built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics,
situated to the east of the city adjacent to the Stratford City development. It contains the
athletes' Olympic Village and several of the sporting venues including the Olympic
Stadium and London Aquatics Centre, besides the London Olympics Media Centre.
The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games had their main base at the Olympic Park , which
contained a significant number of venues including the Olympic Stadium , Aquatics Centre ,
and London Velopark . What was the athletes' Olympic Village is to be restructured as the
new East Villagedevelopment, providing 3,500 homes , half affordable and half private.
The post-Olympics legacy plans include the largest new urban park in Europe for over a
century, and the new Chobham Academy .
Westfield Stratford City is a multibillion-pound scheme to regenerate the 73-hectare
brownfield railway lands to the north of the existing town centre. It has anchor stores
for John Lewis ,Waitrose and Marks and Spencer , in addition to other household names
like Apple and Primark. The centre boasts a range of restaurant outlets, a cinema and
casino, making it a leisure destination in itself, as well as its shopping facilities. Nearby will
be a new purpose-built community of 5,000 homes , offices, schools, public spaces,
municipal and other facilities destined to become a major metropolitan centre for East
London, all to coincide with the opening of the Olympics in July 2012.
Improving Stratford station with new platforms, walkways and entrances.
150 High Street, Stratford , a 41-storey 133 m (436 ft) high residential tower.
The focal point will be Stratford International Station , part of the £5 billion Channel Tunnel
rail link. New 225 km/h Javelin trains are due to be delivered in 2009. These trains will also
be used for a new high-speed commuter service to the Thames Gateway . The other
stations serving the Olympic Park will be the existing Stratford and West Ham tube
stations. Both stations will be upgraded. Consequently, the Olympic Park will be linked to
10 rail lines, capable of delivering 240,000 passengers an hour .
This development clearly shows the success of sports-led regeneration that has caused retail ­ led
regeneration . However, it is lucky that the Olympic Park development has been such a success
because other Olympic games such as the Athens 2004 games have been left with debts of up to 9
billion euros. The regeneration of Stratford has definitely been a success as residents in the
surrounding areas now have a handful of facilities to go to for an affordable price and also a nice
big green developed area. Because of the Olympics, many businesses opened around the site

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