Story of a red blood cell

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The story of a red blood cell
Hi. My name is Rose the red blood cell. I deliver oxygen to all your vital organs and remove waste. I am bright red because I am full of a pigment
called haemoglobin.
I am circulated around the body with my other red blood cell friends, but I make a lot of stops. I carry oxygen to all parts of my neighbourhood.
When I get to an area where the oxygen is needed, I would give it up and pick up carbon dioxide which they carry back to the lungs.
When I get tired after visiting all these localities such as Billy Brain's, I travel back to the heart in a tunnel called the vena cava.
I first enter the right atrium which is an elastic chamber. This, then, contracts and pushes me into the right ventricle like in a pinball machine.
Next stop is the big mansion, called the lungs. Here, I pick up oxygen and go back to the heart through the pulmonary vein; now I have all the
oxygen I need for a round-trip of the area (Woohoo!). Then I move into the left atrium which doesn't let me stay for long and pushes me into
the left ventricle. The same happens next as I am pushed out of the heart by the left ventricle through the aorta (Phew!).
But I am not yet finished. My next job is to implement the round-trip around the area (body): another exhausting task, which would be
powered by a `push' from the left ventricle which is better adapted to do more so than the right ventricle. However, it only takes 20 seconds
for me to circle the whole body.
My basic rule in life is to move down a pressure gradient along with the blood. This constant cycle of tasks lasts for 120 days after which I am
replaced by another red blood cell.
Journey: The Red Blood Cell
Pulmonary Pulmonary
Artery Vein Aorta
Right atrium Right ventricle Lungs Left atrium Left ventricle Body
Vena Cava


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