Storm on the Island and Patrolling Barnegat comparison

these poems work really well together :)

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Storm on the Island and Patrolling Barnegat
Is showing how powerful nature is compared to man
Uses powerful, detailed descriptions to show us the power of nature, and how weak
people are in comparison
Present tense ­ makes the storm sound like it is happening now. ­ More impact,
hence stronger effect on the reader
Some of the words help us to hear the sounds of the storm and sea ­ poet uses
onomatopoeia to good effect
Patrolling Barnegat Storm on the island
One long sentence ­ shows the power of the Are different lengths of sentences. Shorter
storm, forced to read more quickly with no sentences ­ thoughtful, forced to slow down.
pauses, feels uncontrollable Longer ­ power, speed uncontrollability
The poet makes the gale sound terrifying by Wind blows ­ sounds like a group of people
comparing it to peoples voices `muttering' singing or talking together in a sad,
and `laughing' demons. distressed way (personification)
The sea spray to a cat is used to show how
the sea spray hits the window, Makes the
sea sound spiteful and wild ­ out of control
Holy connotations `savage trinity' god like `Turned savage' religious connotations/
Whitman uses another military image that Heaney describes the wind attacking we
of troops moving forward, watchful and firmare bombarded by the empty air. Semantic
advancing to describe the force of the field.
wind. Both images portray the wind as the


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