Storm on the Island

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Storm on the island
Themes: power of nature, military, danger, fear, and isolation,
The speakers of the poem live on an island and are used to very bad weather.
The environment is barren ­ no trees
Written in present tense creates sense of drama, reinforces that storms happen all the
time. Writing is speaking directly to you (conversational style.) Makes you feel personally
involved, and also makes the poem more powerful and direct
Enjambment `when it blows full/blast:' Conveys the impression of a gust of wind suddenly
'blasting' in at the start of the line. Highlighting violence
Repetition `We' Shows he is not alone, but does not given any more
Simile `spits like a tame cat' The sea is spitting, normally the sea is like a neighbour or
a friend, but now it has turned against them. Used to
show how the sea spray hits the window. This helps to
make the sea sound spiteful and wild ­ out of control.
Animal imagery also indicates that the sea can be calm
and `tame' but now has taken on a rough, `savage'
Personification `Can raise a tragic He likes the company but there is nothing there. When
chorus in a gale' the wind blows, it sounds like a group of people singing
or talking together in a sad, distressed way.
Personification `the wizened earth' To show the earth is also intelligent enough to know that
hay will not grow or be able to stand up to the power of
the wind, so it is not to be seen on the island.
The idea of it becoming wizened indicates that maybe
hay tried to grow, but this was soon put to an end by the
brutality of the elements.
Military semantic field `And strafes Storm is like an air raid. Uses words about war/bombing
invisibly. Space is salvo.'' to make the storm sound dangerous, threatening, and
destructive (`hits', `dives', `salvo').
Sibilance `space is salvo' Repeated `s' sound, sense of the wind rushing

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Oxymoron "Exploding comfortably" Mixes the ideas of fear and safety. t is violent
`exploding' but happy or at home `comfortably' in this
environment. The violence is further exaggerated by the
`flung spray' and the violence of `hits the very windows'
is a powerful force, causing damage to the houses.
Different lengths of sentences The shorter sentences give the poem a
thoughtful feel as you are forced to slow
down.…read more

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o "We just sit tight..." ­ The people can't do anything; all they can do is wait
helplessly for the storm to end. This is a strong contrast to the beginning of
the poem. Could be a reference to how the ordinary people felt during the
conflict between Ireland and Northern Ireland.…read more


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