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Storm on the island

Themes: power of nature, military, danger, fear, and isolation,

The speakers of the poem live on an island and are used to very bad weather.

The environment is barren ­ no trees


Written in present tense creates sense of drama, reinforces that storms happen all…

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Oxymoron "Exploding comfortably" Mixes the ideas of fear and safety. t is violent
`exploding' but happy or at home `comfortably' in this
environment. The violence is further exaggerated by the
`flung spray' and the violence of `hits the very windows'
is a powerful force, causing damage to the houses.

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o "We just sit tight..." ­ The people can't do anything; all they can do is wait
helplessly for the storm to end. This is a strong contrast to the beginning of
the poem. Could be a reference to how the ordinary people felt during the
conflict between Ireland…


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