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Choreographed by David Bintley for Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB).
He studied singing, ballet, modern and tap.
Created his first ballet at 15 called `A Soldiers Tale'.
At 16 went to study at The Royal Ballet Upper School.
Joined the BRB and danced with The Royal Ballet as a principal
He has created many works in many different styles.
Between 19851993 he became resident choreographer for Royal
And in 1995 became artistic director of BRB where he still is now.…read more

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Title of song Character
Air A Danser The Great Auk
Prelude and Yodel Utah Longhorn Ram
Long Distance Texan Kangaroo Rat
The Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas Humboldt's HogNosed Skunk Flea
White Mischief Southern Cape Zebra
Now Nothing Rainforest People
Music By Numbers Brazilian Woolly Monkey
Music by Penguin Café Orchestra
Book by David Day The Doomsday Book of Animals 1981
(History of extinct species by direct/indirect human activities)
Album cover designs by Emily Young
(½ Human, ½ penguin images may have influenced the costumes)
3…read more

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Pillars, arched window, 1920s feel, plants, tables, chairs, hat stand, and a big elegant quite
posh room.
At the beginning it is a cabaret feel, spotlights are used to track main character, bright
colours and sense to habitat, like they belong there.
At the end, the light band dims and the colours turn bland and pale, which is a contrast to
what it was at the beginning. The colours darken, until a follow spot on the penguin and
animals huddle on the arc.…read more

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This penguin is native of the Atlantic, and became extinct due to man killing them off.…read more

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Elegant, ballroom, 1920s Charleston style
Action: Men peel away, drag turns, hip wiggle, turn with arms, lift Ram to different sides,
sunray with shaking hands ­ early sun/many armed god, hop, step, hop steps with twists,
gallop, step drag turn
Dynamics: slow, elegant, graceful, smooth, light and bouncy
Use of Space: circular pathways, Ram at front, snaking patterns.
Relationships: 5 men, all dance with the Ram.
Other: Arms­ worship to animals. Direct contrast to our ability to kill them.…read more

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Action: Lie on side, feet flexed, rolls, circling ankles, wriggle, crouch, kneel, hop, swinging,
raised knee, jump, circling hands, slap knees, spring, footwork, twist.
Dynamics: Grounded, bouncy, wiggly, floppy, twitchy.
Use of Space: Hopping pathways
Relationships: Solo, so relationships with music and rhythm.
White tshirt with grey smudges ­ fur/dirt as work in farm/desert. Wears oversized denim
dungarees, which are ¾ length. The dancer also wears knee pads to make them more
comfortable when jumping from the floor or onto their knees.…read more

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Comes from Argentina and South America.
Action: Skip, weave, gallop, jump, knot, duck, dodge
Dynamics: Bouncy, light, comic, jolly, fun, playful
Use of Space: Lines, circles, figure of eight, weaving
Relationships: 6 dancers, dance all in unison and cannon.
xx xx x x x
xx x F x
Orange mask similar to a bee, with big yellow eyes and antennas. Flea wears an orange
lycra unitard with black bands on arms and legs. Orange point shoes are also worn.…read more

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Pale yellow/amber wash, with a follow spot on the flea. Bright yellow strip at the bottom.
`The Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas'
Fast, jumpy, bouncy music. Main melody is brass instruments. Violins take over later with
maracas in the background, which creates an itchy/scratchy, feel.…read more

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The moves are very robotic and have influences of African dance.
Action: Zebra knee arch, lean sideways, ripple, shunt forwards, pivot, graze, pirouette, deep
lunge, flexed foot, suspend, hops, jump. Models walk, pose, twist, head turns, hand and arm
Dynamics: Zebra controlled, flexible, grounded, bouncy, and strong.
Models powerful, arrogant, jerky, wooden.
Use of Space: Models don't use much space. They start at the back then
come forward as they become more powerful. The zebra mostly uses
linear patterns.…read more


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