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Prejudice, and
Discrimination…read more

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Stereotype - an oversimplified, generalised set of ideas that we have about others.
Most stereotypes are negative, though they can sometimes be positive.
Some examples of stereotypes are:
· Blondes are stupid
· All black people can run fast
· Football fans are hooligans
There are advantages and disadvantages of having stereotypes:
· They help us to react in the right way · They can stop us from seeing the real
when meeting people for the first time person when we meet someone for
· They can help us fit in and have a the first time
sense of belonging · We can make mistakes about people…read more

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Rubin conducted a study that testes how we gender stereotype new born
Aim ­ To see if parents stereotype their babies.
Method ­ He approached parents and asked them to describe their
babies within 24 hours of them being born.
Results ­ Girls were described as being more delicate, less strong, and
more gentle than the boys.
Conclusion ­ Parents stereotype their babies before any characteristics
are shown. He also concluded that parents stereotype their babies
before they're born.
Practical Implications :
- More gender neutral programmes are appearing on television due to research on gender stereotyping children
-Its more acceptable for men to do the jobs that were traditionally done by women, because of how society has
changed.…read more

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Williams and Best also conducted a study into gender stereotyping.
Aim ­ To investigate gender stereotyping across 30 different countries.
Method ­ They asked participants from 30 different countries to look at
300 different characteristics and decide if they were male, female, or
Results ­ Across the 30 countries, the same characteristics were
associated with males and females. Males were considered more
reckless and determined, while females were emotional and warm.
Conclusion ­ They concluded that there are commonly held stereotypes
of male and female characteristics.…read more

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Prejudice is a rigid set of attitudes or beliefs that we have
towards particular groups of people.
Discrimination is the way that an individual behaves towards
a person or group of people as a result of our prejudiced
views. An example of discrimination is paying women less
than men.…read more

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Many psychologists have come up with theories describing the different
causes of discrimination. The causes of discrimination that we need to
know for GCSE psychology are:
· Personality
· This was tested by Adorno in 1950
· Competition for scarce resources
· Tested by Sherif in 1961
· In and out groups
· Tested by Tajfel in 1970…read more

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