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Stella and Stanley…read more

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A whole lotta love...
· They clearly love each other,
as Tennessee Williams
displays in their dialogue and
stage directions.
· Even after scene 3, after
Stanley humiliates Stella on
the poker night, they `make
up' very quickly.
· This indicates the treatment
of women in the era of the
play.…read more

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Stanley's the man...
· Stanley is the dominant figure in
the relationship between himself
and Stella.
· His actions towards and treatment
of Stella reflects the time the play
was written in.
· A woman was the property of her
husband, and was to do as he said.
· For example, Stanley pays the bills
for Stella, she stays home while
Stanley works, plays poker and
gets drunk.…read more

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Blanches arrival...
· The arrival of Blanche affects Stella
and Stanley's relationship, as it
becomes a fight for Stella .
· Stanley wins the battle for Stella, but
shows no sign of remorse for
Blanches eventual fate.
· He is not supportive of Stella,
because at the end of the play, he
consoles Stella by `putting his hand
into her blouse'. This shows he has
no respect towards women (also his
actions towards Blanche in previous
scene)…read more


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