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How does Steinbeck create a sense of danger in chapter two in Of
Mice and Men?
Characters ­
The characters in Of Mice and Men have interesting features and
characteristics. George has a short temper that makes him the middle of the crowd. He
is shown by this because of the way he speaks. "Say, what the hell's this?" He uses
smaller, quick speaking words that make him look more intelligent. He also uses this
non-standard English language to speak to his simple minded friend Lennie. Lennie has
different features of his personality to George. He has created a sense of danger by the
fact that he is so quiet and timid. I think that quiet characters may have a secret to
hide that may harm other people or things.
Their boss was very angry with them when they arrived a day late for work. He
also has a short temper, like George. He could be a threat or danger to George and
Lennie's work. The old man that is presented at the beginning of the chapter, has a
down-to-earth personality. He is trying to show the new boys the ropes before the
boss gets involved. This could also prevent danger from the boss.
Setting ­
The description of the house where Lennie and George are staying is simple and
plain. This could also describe their background. "The walls were white washed and the
floor unpainted". The items that they are given in their boxes are simple so this could
present a danger in the fact that they could be deprived from the things that they
need. Also that fact that the bunk beds were of poor quality could suggest that they
are in poverty. When the old man announced that the boss bought a gallon of whisky
at Christmas, the atmosphere changed. The line of work seemed more like poverty
working with a low wage.
Relationships ­
Relationships are very basic in Chapter 2. Lennie has an unstable relationship
with the boss because he is quiet and George speaks up for him. George seems too big
for his boots and he is trying to be in charge of Lennie which is showing that he is
responsible and later he may have it as a weakness. The old man has a good
relationship with everyone because he is very kind and considerate. This could cause
him problems later on with other people.


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