Steel Alloy Table

Revision notes on the properties of differnet steel alloys inclusing what is containted in each. Suitable for GCSE Chemistry.

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Steel Type Percentage of Properties Use
added chemicals
Mild steel Carbon steel 0.5% carbon Can be easily Making car
moulded bodies
High carbon Carbon steel More than 0.5% Stronger than Tools and
steel carbon mild steel, but cutters
more brittle
Stainless steel Alloy of iron 80% iron, 15% Very high Cookware,
chromium, 4% resistance to cutlery and
nickel and corrosion industrial
0.5%1% carbon (chromium) chemical plant
Titanium steel Titanium 0.5%2% titanium Very hard Aircraft and
with varying and durable armour plating
amounts of other
metals such as
chromium, nickel
& vanadium
Manganese Manganese 84% iron, 15% Extremely Railway points
steel steel manganese 1% hard and dredging
carbon equipment
Steel Table


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