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Law Revision Notes
Statutory Interpretation

"In Statutory Interpretation, you need to consider the various
rules which are available to Judges, and the different aids that
Judges may use and how the use of different rules have given
Judges more freedom"

Rules of Interpretation

Literal Rule Words in a statute must…

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R v Allen 1872 The defendant was married and married again. It
was an offence for a married person to "Marry" again unless they
were widowed or divorced. When caught the defendant argued
that he did not commit this offence as the Law regarded his
second marriage as invalid. The…

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Judges can rewrite Statute Law, which only Parliament
allowed to do
Must be possible to discover the Mischief in order for
the rule
to be used

Purposive Approach A modern descendant of the Mischief
approach. It is said to "Promote the general legislative purpose
underlying the provisions". The court…

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sets out how many people are in the Commission, and how
they are appointed.
Interpretation Sections ­ These set out lists, sometimes
quite long ones, of what meanings are intended for certain
words used elsewhere in the Act.

Extrinsic Found outside the Statute.

Oxford English Dictionary. For example Cheeseman v…

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defendant argued that his café did not need a license because it
didn't provide entertainment. The Court held that
"Entertainment" did not mean musical entertainment but the
reception and accommodation of people, so the defendant was

Expressio unius est exclusio alterius (The express mention of one
thing is the…


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