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Dangorous dogs act

a)In the English law the judges haven't been able to agree on which approach should be
used, they have developed four different ways to interpret law. The rules take different
approaches to interpretation and some judges prefer to use one rule, while a other judge
would prefer…

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held that this procedure was lawful because the mischief parliament parliament was tryimng
to remedy was back street abortions performed by unqualified people.
The tools or aids which could be of help to a Judge in interpreting statutes fall into two
groups, Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsic means that aids which…

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Noscitur A Sociis (Known from Associates) is where A word will be interpreted in the
context of surrounding words. This can be illustrated in the case of Muir v Keay (1875)
where,All houses kept open at night for "Public refreshment, resort and entertainment" had
to be licensed. The defendant argued…


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