Statistics Revision Guide Part 2 By S Satish

This is just basically part 2 of the Stats Revision Guide that I will be putting up and it when the whole series is up youll know all you need to know the exam which is on the 25th of June 2010. I have already put up part 1 so go check it out...

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Frequency Polygon
This is when you plot mid-point
against frequency and join them
together with straight lines
Mostly they have a normal
Sometimes they are also skewed
(Positive) (Negative)
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Difference between
bar charts and
Bar charts are for categorical and
qualitative data. They use frequency.
Histograms are for quantitative
data and they use frequency density.
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Age Frequency Make sure you know
5-10 6 how to draw a histogram
and to change
11- 15
histograms back into the
16- 4
> 17 0
© Bite size
Frequency density = frequency ÷ class
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Question Time! ©
Bite size
The ages of children entering a
theme park in a 1-hour period are
recorded in the table:
Age Frequency
Find the class widths
0-3 12 and frequency
4-10 14 densities. Then draw
11- 48 a histogram to
18 represent the data.
>18 0
Class boundaries:
The class boundaries are 0,
4, 11 and 19.
(remember that this is age
in years):
Class widths:
The class widths are
therefore 4, 7 and 8.
Frequency densities:
/4 = 3
/7 = 2
/8 = 6
Get that right?
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Line Graphs
Interpolation is when you read
values off the line.
Extrapolations when you continue
the line and then you read the values
of the extended line.
Mode of Grouped Data
No of Number of SO WHATS THE
hours youngsters MODE?
0 to 5 3 The mode would
be 10 to 15 hours
5 to 10 7 because this is the
category which
10 to 15 10
has the greatest
15 to 20 4 frequency.
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