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Static Electricity
When two electrically insulating materials are rubbed together, electrons ­ and nothing else
are rubbed off one material and deposited on the other.

Electrons are negatively charged. The material that lost the electrons is now positively
charged because it has more protons than electrons. The material that gained…

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Electrostatic smoke precipitators are used in chimneys to attract dust and smoke particles
so they do not get into the air.

1. As the smoke particles go up,
they pass through a negatively
charged grid and become
negatively charged themselves.
2. The grid repels the particles
towards the positively charged…

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The greater the charge on the object, the greater the voltage/potential difference is. If the
voltage is too high, a current will flow to the object and might cause a spark.

The problem is overcome by earthing the object. This means joining the object to a large
metal plate in…


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