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Static electricity
Static electricity is when charge "build up" on an object
and doesn't move, e.g. rubbing a rod:…read more

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Two different
rods will
attract each
other if they
have different
Two rods
made of the
same material
will repel each
other due to
having the
same charge:…read more

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Van de Graff generators
A charge builds up on
the dome due to
electrons being "______
off" by the belt. If a
big enough ______ is
built up then the voltage
becomes high enough to
_____ the air molecules
and the electrons "___"
down to Earth ­ this is
an electric _________.
Words ­ charge, jump,
current, rubbed, ionise…read more

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Use of static 1 - Photocopiers
Photocopiers use static
electricity. They work by: 1)
Copying an ______ of the page
onto a ______ plate, 2) Light
then causes the charge to ____
away, leaving an "electrostatic
impression" of the page, 3) The
charges left on the plate
______ small drops of black
powder, 4) The powder is
transferred from the plate onto
the _____, 5) The paper is
_____ to "fix" the powder.
Words ­ heated, leak, paper, image, charged, attract…read more

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Use of static 2 - Printers
Inkjet printers work by spraying charged drops of ink
onto a page. The droplets can be directed using two
oppositely charged plates. The voltage on these plates
can be easily swapped or varied. The inkjet cartridge
can also moved across the page by the printer…read more

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Dangers of static
During refuelling the fuel gains electrons from the pipe,
making the pipe positive and the fuel negative. The
resulting voltage may cause a spark ­ bad news!
Solution: Either earth the fuel tank with a copper rod or
connect the tanker to the plane by a copper conductor.…read more


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