static and dynamic information

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Static and dynamic information
Static information
Information source that doesn't change such as a textbook- the data stays
the same, it can't be changed or updated
advantages disadvantages
Can't be changed so it's accurate and Once data is produced it is immediately
reliable out of date
Used without access to the internet Physical form- has to be carried around
Used without access to a computer as If held on a CD it can be lost
its paper based
Has a historical copy so it can be Takes long to produce
referred back to
Can be distributed to people who have Specialised information can be
an interest in that information expensive
May have a licence agreement,
restricting access
Dynamic information
Data that can be regularly updated and changed such as on websites
advantages disadvantages
Updated quickly Changes made quickly so mistakes can
go unnoticed
Cheap to maintain May need certain hardware to access
Large number of people can access it May be conflicting information on
at once different websites
Easy to find related information to Information may be incorrect
cross reference it with
Don't need to know where to look for Information overload- can be too much
information information to look through if you don't
know exactly what you're looking for
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