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sociology- state policies  family and households

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State policies which reject men as the breadwinner
The 1975 sex discrimation act
The 1975 equal pay act
State policies which reject women as the housemaker
The 1961 controceptive pill
The 1967 abortion legalised
The 1974 controecption madefreeof charge
The 1975 discrimination act
The 1975 equalpay act
2010 paternity leave.
Statepoliceswhich encourage marriaeied couples
1998 supportung familys
2003 tax credit
2005 introduction of cilvil partnerships
State polices which reject married couples
The 1964 controceptive pill for unmarried women
1967 abortion act
1984 martimoal and family proceedings act
1996 family law act
2005 adoption act
Stae polices which enougae heterosexuality
The 1998 clause 28 law- (bans promation of homosexuality in schools)
1998 supporting familys ­ labour saw marriageas the best place to raise children
State polices which accept homosexuality
2001 age for concent for homosexual couple to be dropped from 18-16
2003 clause 28 law- which banned promotion of homosexuality in schools dropped
2005 intoduction of cilvil partnerships
2013 same sex marriage
State policy which enougated having children
1943 beveridge report- NHS benefit system
1989 childrens act ­ children need to kept safe

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State policy which reject having children
The 1961 controceptive pill only for married couples
1967 abortion
1974 controception free of charge
Current uk policys
Paternity leave
Child benifts for low earning- 2013 to help economicy may drive mother back to work as
famolys with one earner are penalised
NHS free for all- life span increases, infant mortality decreases
State benifts capt
Absent parents oay for child
Same sex couples allowed to adopt 2002…read more


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