Law (Unit 2) Starting a court case

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The two civil courts are:
The county court
The high court
Most people do not want to start a court case unless they have to. Most
people try to negotiate an agreed settlement with the person who caused the
damage/injury. The majority of cases are settled and do not go to court.
Using the courts to resolve disputes can be:
1. Costly in terms of money and time
2. Traumatic for the individuals involved
3. May not lead to the most satisfactory outcome for the case
Therefore more people are trying other methods to
resolve their disputes.

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Which court to use?
If the other person denies liability or refuses to use ADR, then the only way to
get compensation will be to start a court case.
The first problem is which court to use...…read more

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If you are using the county court, then you can choose to issue the claim in any
of the 230 county courts in the country
If you are using the High court, ten you can go to one of the District Registries
or the main court in London.…read more


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