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Start up
Business plan…read more

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Details about the business
· This must include:
· The business' name
· The location of the business
· Its legal structure ( sole trader, Franchise ,
Public limited company etc... )
· A description of the business (Café/
Swimming centre etc... )…read more

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Personal information
· This should include:
· Personal information about the owner
and those who will be managing the
· It may include their CV's and accounts
of their business skills, experience and
finacial commitments
· Details on support they are receiving
(mentors and other advisory agencies
· Key staff and staffing requirements…read more

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· This will include:
· Objectives of the business
· What they want to achieve in hwat time
period (We want to have a profit of
£100,000 in the next 3 years etc...) and how
it will be achieved
· SMART targets objectives that are
specific, Measurable, agreed, realistic and
time-bound…read more

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Marketing Plan
· This should include:
· Show the gap in the market that the
business will fill
· The results of any market research
· The type, size and location of the market
· A description of potential customers (age,
gender, location, income etc ...)
· Comparison of the business' products/
services with those of its competitors
· Strengths and weaknesses in the market
· Details on promotion
· Selling techniques
· Pricing…read more

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Production Plan
· This should include:
· Details on how goods and services will
be created
· A day-to-day practical activities involved
· Materials
· Staff
· Equipment
· Scale of production…read more

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