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Retrograde Motion…read more

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Movement of the Planets
· From Earth, five planets can
be seen by the naked eye-
Mercury, Venus, Mars,
Jupiter and Saturn.
· Long ago, these were
recognised as different
from stars, because they
appeared to move, very
slowly, against the
background of fixed stars
behinds them.…read more

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Retrograde Motion
· From Earth, the planets seem to generally move
steadily in one direction across the star background
· But, at times, they slow down and reverse the
· This is known as Retrograde Motion
· This happens, systematically, in all planets beyond
the Earth's orbit.…read more

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Retrograde Motion of Mars
· From months 1 to 3, Mars
seems to move forwards.
Then, for two months, its
goes into reverse before
moving forwards again…read more

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html…read more


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