Stalin's industrialisation: the case study of Magnitogorsk

A tabel I have done copied out from previous lessons. 

the notes are brief

but this document gives brief detail on conditions and which of the Five-Year Plans they co-incide with

hope this helps

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Stalin's industrialisation: the case study of Magnitogorsk
o Built town from scratch
o ½ million transported to the Magnetic Mountain
o To create Russia's largest steel factory
John Scott--- American Communist, moves to Russia
Behind Urals 1942
Came into USSR party & volunteered at Magnitogorsk
Magnitogorsk 5 Year Plan
Living Conditions "A dirty, chaotic construction 1st and 2nd bad living conditions
"April...everything was still
frozen solid."
1st and 2nd
Mud huts, by 1937 running
water, central heating &
Working Conditions Had to walk 2 miles & work in
Often equipment broken or 2nd machinery difficulties
During the winter often
worked in the dark.
Disorganised & extremely 1st Poor conditions & death
dangerous. Some froze to
Industrial Energy & sense of purpose only Stakonovite movement
Production fulfilled 44.9% of goal 1st as Gov. Lied to keep Stalin
Poor leadership, organised
3rd with purge of managers
hampered it.
Overcame & skilled/experienced 1st with `Red Specialists'
His book regarded as the best eye witness account




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