Stalin’s Terror 1941-53


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Stalin's Terror 1941-53
Purging of the red army
Top ranks due to heavy defeats
Army /naval officers
1941- military intelligence- blamed for not alerting him of G's plan to invade R
Generals who performed badly against G's army were shot
The enemy within
NKVD drew up list of ppl who might be sympathetic to Germans
Political prisoners in regions under threat from G invasion were ececuted
Ethnic groups e.g. Siberia who were said to welcome G invasion
Chechen ppl- ordered all 460,00 ppl to be moved in 7 days- weather made it impossible=
locked in stables & barns/ burned alive
The Doctor's plot
Concerned with those so closest to him
Physician aroused his suspicion suggesting that he should reduce his work load to improve
his health- arrested and so were 30 others
Charged with assassination of the communist party & trying to poison him
He died before this purge could escalate
The Leningrad affair
Concerned about his authority in 2nd city
Over a thousand party members from there sacked
200 arrested & charged with being traitors
Confessions extracted by using NKVD's conveyor belt system
Purge of the Jews
Suspicious of former allies
Concerned with citizens who had contact with outside world
Any cosmopolitan Russian was spy & traitor
Believed jews were fundamentally cosmopolitan & had more loyalty to Jews than R
1945- 12% mangers jewish in gov / 1951 only 4%!
Prisoners of War
Yalta conference- would be returned to country of origin
1.5 mill returned
Interrogated & exiled
Being guilty of disobeying his order not to allow themselves to be captured
Hard years in labour camps in Siberia
Accused of spying


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