Stalin’s rise to Power


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Stalin's rise to Power
War communism : squeezing peasants was good and higher taxes
Force the peasants= quicker results
NEP betrayal of communism
Permanent rev
Not enough resources to complete transition to socialism alone
Only truly committed could join
Right/ centre
Accepted NEP- should last 20 years
Economy should be stable b4 industrialisation
Socialism achieved slowly-one country- Russia lead in communism
Smychka between workers & peasants= economically self efficient
Defeat of Bukharin
1928 Stalin turned against NEP
S adapted policies of the left he had just defeated
1929 outvoted by S supporters who used to be left supporters of anti NEP
Removed from politburo
Trotksy defeat
Tricked into not turning up to Lenin's funeral
S allied with Z & K to suppress L's testament
S gets support base
Z& K battle against him about loyalty
Ban on factions doesn't allow him to build fan base
Expelled & exiled
Zinoviev & Kamenev defeat
Formed alliance against T
United opposition= factionalism= dismissed & replaced by Stalin supporters
Stalin's luck
Lenin & Sverdlov died at the right time
Lenin's testament not read out
Trotsky's weaknesses

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Only joined in 1917
Didn't fight to get L's testament published
Didn't get fan base
Socialism in one country= Russia has a more historic role
Stalin's personality
Down to earth and practical…read more


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