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1924 Lenin dies

Later 1920s Politburo in charge 9 members

1925 Trotsky dismissed as post of
Commissar of War

1926 Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev dismissed
from politburo

1927 Trotsky and Zinoviev expelled from
Communist Party

1928 Stalin controls politburo

1929 Trotsky expelled from Russia (dies 194o)

1936 Constitution (NKVD)

Dec 1934…

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Cult of Personality Worship banned 26,000 mosques (1917)
1,300 (1939)

stalin everywhere

libraries 70,000 built

sports facilities Writer - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

NKVD monitored Musician - Dmitri Shozhenitsym

Economic situation Industrial output hadnt recovered 50 yrs progress in 10 years

NEP wasnt working

Collectivisation 2 million tonnes of grain short


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