Here is another resource of mine that i decided to share with you guyz. It is a very short presentation however it names the different stakeholders to a buisness with theri objectives along with pictures just as my previous resource did.

I am done with my IGCSEs and i'm moving on to AS level so my advise to you is , learn the stakeholder's concept very good . Eventhough it's easy , you will be getting questions regarding stakeolders each term and also you have to make sure that you are clear about the difference between shareholders of a buisness and it's stakeholders :)

Do leave suggestions and comments and if you have any doubts i will get back to you :)

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Government ­It will be interested in the performance and the growth of a business
in order to evaluate the beneficial state of the organization.
Managers - They would like to have an increase in their salaries as well as social
prestige therefore, would be emphasizing on growth of the business.
Consumers ­ They will be interested in knowing the production method and the
products produced. A business which pollutes the air too much will not be
welcomed by the consumers.
Investors ­ This group of stakeholders would definitely be looking for a business
organization that gains a good profit with high status.
Workers- They will want an increase in their wages in addition, would like to have
an idea of how many other workers are they going to be working with .…read more


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