Stages of Child Reading Development

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Simplified notes, illustrated with clipart pictures, covering the key information and theorists needed for the A2 course.  


  • Chall's Stages of Development
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Stage Description Age (years) Key characteristics
0 Prereading and pseudoreading > 6 o `pretend' reading (turning pages and repeating stories
perhaps previously read to them)
o some letter and word recognition, especially letters in own
o predicting single words or the next stage of a story
1 Initial reading and decoding 67 o reading simple texts containing high frequency lexis (this
happens when children start to learn the relationship
between phonemes and graphemes)
o estimation of around 600 written words understood
2 Confirmation and fluency 78 o reading texts more quickly, accurately and fluently, paying
more attention to the meanings of words and texts
o estimation of around 3000 written words understood
3 Reading for learning 914 o reading for knowledge and information becomes
4 Multiplicity and complexity 1417 o responding critically to what they read and analysing
5 Construction and reconstruction 18+ o reading selectively and forming opinions about what they
have read

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