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Glucose (6C)

Phosphorylated with the phosphate from 2atp to activate it

= 1 x hexose biphosphate (6C)

Then it's split to 2 x triose phosphate ( 2 x 3C )

It is oxidised losing hydrogen to make 2 x pyruvate (2 x 3C)

2 NAD take the 2 hydrogen…

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Decarboxylation & Dehydrogenation

1 x reduced FAD

2 x reduced NAD

ATP made from direct transfer of phosphate from an intermediate compound to ADP. Substrate level

Citrate oxaloacetate

Oxidative Phosphorylation

ETC & Chemiosmosis

H atoms released from reduced NAD & FAD

Split into H+ and e-

e-`s move down…


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