St bernadettes visiionary experience

St bernadettes visiionary experience- Topic 2 religious experiences for Philosophy of religion AQA

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Example of a visionary experience
The vision of St Bernadette (individual vision)
Brief outline of the experience
Bernadette had one of her eighteen experiences of the Virgin Mary in the grotte de
masabielle (hollow of a rock)
Bernadette was searching for wood and she heard a loud noise like a storm coming nearby.
She saw a beautiful woman (Virgin Mary) who didn't speak to her at first
She has a series of experiences and eventually Mary once told her to drink water from a
mysterious foundation as it has special healing powers and so she should build a chapel on it
She told the priest but he didn't believe her.
1861=basilica was built upon the rock by a parish priest
Classification of the experience (Davies and Swinburne)
This experience is not an
- Experiencing a normal non-religious object
Reason: Virgin Mary is seen as a religious figure
Mystical experience:
Reason: She wasn't experiencing ones with God, but she had a vision of Virgin mary talking
to her
This is a quasi sensory experience:
· Reason: She saw and heard the Virgin Mary in her experience as she ordered her to
build a chapel on top.


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