spreadsheet basics

notes on spreadsheets: workbooks, worksheets,, cells, ranges, row, columns etc

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Spreadsheet basics
Cell holds a piece of data.
Known by their row and column address.
Every cell has a unique address, they can be given names
Each cell can be formatted individually- font size and style, colour,
borders, shading, alignment, conditional formatting and validation.
Conditional formatting- format of a cell is changed if it meets certain
requirements. E.g. if a number is negative it can be set to turn red.
Cells can be protected by passwords so they can only be edited by certain
users who know the password.
Rows run horizontally across the spreadsheet
Columns run vertically down the spreadsheet.
Rows are identified by numbers
Columns are identified by letters
If row/columns are removed the can be renamed or renumbered
Height/width can be edited so all data is visible.
Rows/columns can be hidden from the user.
Group of cells that can be identified by cell references or names.
Range is given as the top left cell to the bottom right cell.
Contain similar data that can be used in functions and formulas.
Formatting can be applied to a range of cells all at once.
A single page in a workbook
Each worksheet can be given names to define the data that is held in them.
A collection of worksheets that makes up a spreadsheet.
Workbooks contain all information whilst a worksheet refers to a specific
Example: a company may have 4 sales regions, each one can be contained in a
worksheet, and the workbook contains all the information about that

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Data can be linked between worksheets, if data in one worksheet is
changed, the linked cells in other worksheets will change too.
Each worksheet can be given access rights.
Example: each worksheet could contain information about a shop, it could be
set so only the manager could see and edit each worksheet of a particular
shop.…read more


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