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(1968)…read more

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The brain is made up of two halves called hemispheres
The LEFT hemisphere receives information from the
right side of the body and the right visual field
The RIGHT hemisphere receives information from the
left side of the body and the left visual field
The LEFT hemisphere is from LANGUAGE and
The RIGHT hemisphere is for SPATIAL AWARENESS…read more

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The CORPUS COLLOSUM is a bundle of nerve
fibres that CONNECT the two hemispheres
Allowing information to be transferred between
These fibres are sometimes cut by surgeons to
reduce the effects of epilepsy
Patients with severe epilepsy sometimes have
their corpus collosum severed in order to make
their epileptic fit less severe- by preventing the
electrical charge spreading from one half of the
brain to the other…read more

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The two hemispheres could now not communicate
with each other directly
They would communicate more slowly through
others means such as the eyes
The surgery did not affect intelligence or personality
Known as `Split brain patients'
Surgery known as `Hemisphere deconnection'
These split brain patients offered Sperry the chance
to find out what happens when two hemispheres
can't communicate with each other…read more

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To investigate the effects of
hemisphere deconnection
& To show that each
hemisphere has different
functions…read more

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11 Split brain patients
Right handed
Those who were healthy and had not undergone the
hemisphere deconnection surgery…read more

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