Spectrum - An Electromagnetic Spectrum Game

Its a game on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. It is an A* recource and should be a fun and productive way to study. Ideal for AQA Unit 1 Physics Tests. Was made for the Higher Tier Paper but is also compatible with Foundation Tier as well.

This is now compatible with any users who do not have Microsoft 2007. Good luck with your exams.

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Welcome to the Spectrum....
The Electromagnetic Spectrum. Have you ever heard of it, Human?
It is the range of ALL possible Electromagnetic Radiation Frequencies.
You find many types of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Earth today.
Even when you are unaware of it, it's still there and is transmitting
waves of most sizes.
We make it possible to transmit those waves as we live in them and are
part of them.
We make them exist and bring you technology that helps you live a
better life.
This is the Information Station. This is where we get the information on
the waves.
But the Room is Empty, isn't it? Guess what happens if there is no
We cannot transmit the waves and if they do not exist on the Earth we
end up dead.
So if there is no information, why are we still alive? Simply put, we have
4 hours to live.
This is why you are here. To help. We requested backup and you were
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X-Rays are used for seeing through skin.
Many people hurt bones in many ways in
their life.
These people would have had an X-Ray
to see if they have fractured, crushed or
broken a bone in their life.
However useful this may be, X-Rays emit
a lot of radiation and so are dangerous for
the human body. This is why you are only
allowed a certain amount in you life.
X-Rays are similar to Gamma Rays in
which they can be very harmful to you
2nd body.
EST…read more

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