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Specific Heat capacity
The specific heat capacity is the energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg of
a substance by 1k.
Temperature and internal energy
Temperature: a measure of how hot and object is and is related to the average
kinetic energy of the particles in an object
There are two commonly used scales
1. Kelvin freezing point of water 273.15
2. Centrigrade freezing point of water 0
1 centigrade increment= 1 kelvin increment
The molecules in a substance have:
1. kinetic energy
2. potential energy
if you add these you get the internal energy of a substance, you need to do this for
all particles in the substance.
When heated more molecules have higher energy, the peak moves along and less
molecules have low energy.
Each maxwellboltzman distribution is for one temp, changing the temp will change
the shape.

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Using molecular KE to calculate temperature.
We are going to look at how the average KE of each molecule is related to
First fing the average KE of each molecule.…read more


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