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Soviet Union
Stalin…read more

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Stalin's Economic Policies

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Why did Stalin introduce it?
1. NEP was not working ­ there was not enough food being grown
2. KULAKS were independent-they were becoming too rich and anti
3. Sell grain abroad to finance industry ­ wants to be safe
4. Control peasantry-In a collected farm h can easily control their
working hours and production levels
5. Feed the industrial workers- wants to make them happy to
increase industry production and make the country safer from
invasion…read more

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How was it organized?
1. In 1928 there were many small farms failing to produce sufficient
surplus food for the cities.
2. Methods of farming were basic as there was no modern farming
techniques or machinery ­ inefficient
3. Stalin wants to modernise agriculture to produce new methods
machinery and exercise more control over production.
4. Stalin collects millions of small farms creating collectives.…read more

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Why was there opposition?
1. Many peasant had farmed their land for generations and had
been give the land by Lenin, the peasants also resented being
split up and moved to different areas of Russia.
2. Peasants animals were going to be taken and distributed
between ball the collectives. Most peasants slaughter animals in
3. Kulaks knew Stalin was determined to destroy them and often
resisted, Stalin resorted to force and 4 million were killed.
4. Peasants had always hated communists and voted against them
in the constituent assembly ­ Resented Stalin trying to destroy
freedom and independence.…read more

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What were the Effects of Collectivisation?
1. Stalin achieved control of peasantry , huge farms were controlled
by party leaders and monitored by the secret police-no open
rebellion however there were "accidents" with machinery to
purposefully sabotage production.
2. Production of crops fell-passive resistance by peasants
3. Stalin therefore unable to finance industry-decided to sell crops
for money and let people starve
4. 1933-34 famine in Ukraine-Stalin's fault but people were too
scared to overthrow him
5. 1930's Russia relied on imports from USA-USA wanted to show
they were better than communism
6. Stalin built up MTS and equipped farms with modern machinery
but it was substandard as he had forced people to
build them.…read more

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