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Southern Belle research - A04 , FOR A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

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A `Southern Belle'
A southern belle (derived from the French word belle, 'beautiful') is an archetype for a young woman
of the American Old South's upper class.
A southern belle had a lot of rules in order to behave. Pants/trousers were not allowed on girls; they
always had to wear a dress that covered their ankles and their wrists. Not doing so would result in
accusations of being a tomboy, a prostitute and in some cases a lesbian. These rules became more
relaxed in the 1940s when most of the men were fighting in the war, and companies began to hire
women to do the work in the men's absence.
Speaking to someone who was not white, rich, or properly dressed was taboo for young girls, as
well as talking about bodily functions and sexual themes. Even the word "pregnant" was
inappropriate for little girls to say, considering the word vulgar.
Women could never raise their voices at all. They always had to be kind and polite to everyone they
met. When talking to others, women had to use proper grammar at all times and to never say swear
words. Getting into rough, physical fights was only permitted for young boys and never girls.
A Southern belle epitomized Southern hospitality, cultivation of beauty and a flirtatious yet chaste
The 10 Commandants for Southern Belles
1.Never cuss in front of your Mamma or your mammy.
2. Your daddy (and Rhett Butler) is always the perfect man.
3. Never wear white after Labor Day or before Easter.
4. Never try to pass faux pearls for real ones at any special event. (especially your debut)
5. Always say yes mama and yes sir. No matter who you are talking to.
6. Never go out without "putting your face on" because you never know who you will see
7.Never pretend to be drunker than you really are.
8. Never smoke at a country club, on the street, or anywhere besides your house or at a very close friend's house
9.Never forgive Yankees. (just remember you could be Scarlet O Hara if they had not have won the war)
10.NEVER accept the defeat by the enemy
A Southern Belle possesses an undeniable natural charm, has a warm and dazzling smile, and
impeccable manners, calling each person she encounters 'sir' or 'ma'am' regardless of their age or
position. A Southern Belle can be recognized by her unforgettable Southern drawl, unstinting
hospitality and graciousness, and her recognition as Football as a part of her religion. Southern Belles
are recognized as one of God's greatest creations and continuously overshadow women from
Northern US States.


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