Southampton Multi-Use Coastal Area Case Study

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Southampton Multi-Use Coastal Area Case Study
Variety of Activities found in Southampton
The Port of Southampton is crucial to British Industry. 7% of all UK trade and 50% of our
trade with the Middle and Far East goes through the Port of Southampton. Southampton
Water has a very deep harbour, which is sheltered yet allows huge container ships to dock
safely. There are good rail links from Southampton to the rest of the UK for easy onward
movement of imports. Southampton is the second largest container facility in the UK and
has a huge vehicle shipment terminal that handles over 750,000 vehicles a year. There are
also 3 cruise terminals that handle over 200 ships per year.
The ExxonMobil oil refinery at Southampton is the largest oil refinery in the UK. It handles
over 2000 ships a year, carrying 25 million tonnes of oil. Over 3000 people work at the
refinery so it is a major employer in the Southampton area. The Fawley chemical plant is
another major employer. It is one of the largest chemical plants in Europe, producing
paints and rubber. The large, flat site next to the deep water is ideal for storing and
moving raw materials as well as finished products.
Recreational activities in the local area include those offered at the Calshot Activity
Centre (which offers a wide range of water-based activities). There is also a nature
reserve nearby at Keyhaven Marshes (800 hectares of mudflats & salt marshes) - this is run
by the Hampshire WIldlife Trust. The Ocean Village Marina on the River Itchen attracts a
large number of sailing enthusiasts. The local rivers attract a wide variety of wildlife, and

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The city of Southampton is one of the largest cities in the south of England and it hosts the
regional shopping centre, WestQuay. There is also a major university which is
world-renowned for research into the marine environment.
Reasons for the growth and development of these different activities
Coastal areas attract a wide range of industry and businesses and they also offer plenty of
opportunities for recreational activities. As a result, they attract lots of businesses and
people.…read more


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