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Sources of the UK Constitution

A. Statutes and the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty

o Acts passed by the Westminster parliament are the highest legal source of the
constitution; a majority of one in the Commons is sufficient to introduce major
constitutional changes - like the European Communities Act 1972…

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covered only by these 'customs'. For example, the Monarch's powers and the
position of Prime Minister.

o The main conventions that operate within the British Constitution include:
The Prime Minister shall be the leader of the majority party in the House of
Commons; The Prime Minister has the power…

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the ECHR. When interpreting legislation, judges must ensure that the Act in
question comply with the ECHR so far as is possible.
o In interpreting the law, the courts have the key role of ensuring that
governments do not exceed their lawful powers. In 1995 the High Court held…


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A concise and useful overview of sources of the UK constitution which offers a good starting point to students who are beginning their revision of this topic. Students might wish to develop their ability to discuss its strengths and weaknesses by comparing the Westminster model with other (codified) models.

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