Sources of revenue during the personal rule

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Sources of incomes Definition Problems
Rents from Crown Lands Income received from Inflation had eaten away
rented crown lands at the real value of rents
at rates.
The crown had sold a lot
of land since the 1550's
Purveyance Crowns right to purchase Met with widespread
food and other resistance in the counties.
necessities at below
market value
Wardship When a landowner dies The crown was frequently
leaving a child heir, the accused of exploiting
crown has the right to vulnerable estates
administer the estate
until the heir came of age
Tonnage and Poundage Customs duties on imports Had not been approved by
and exports. After the parliament.
wars the value rose quickly
Monopolies Selling corporations the Illegal since 1624 but were
sole right to produce, still granted to
import or sell products corporations.
Led to charges of
corruption at court.
`popish soap' lord treasurer
Distraint of Knighthood Law that all men owning Men felt caught out by an
property worth more than outdated law not
£40 per annum should employed since the early
receive knighthoods at Tudor times
the royal coronation. From
January 1630, Charles
began fining everyone
who had failed to observe
this legal technicality
Forest Laws Fining landowners whos Many landowners could
estates now encroached not produce deeds for the
on ancient boundaries land.
Fell on the rich and
powerful e.g. Earl of
Sailsbury was fined


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