Sources of Finance, Profit and Loss, and Organisation of Businesses

This is a summary of notes on "Sources of Finance, Profit and Loss, and Organisation of Businesses" for Growing Businesses. I made this for my exam, hope it helps you with yours

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Sources of Finance
Retained profits- Profits that the business keep and use in the business
Re-invested savings- Banks savings from past retained profits
Fixed assets- Selling fixed assets such as machinery
Shares- Issueing more shares
Debentures- Long term loans from the public that the business pays with interest over a…

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Organisational Charts and Hierarchies
Organising businesses:
o Most limited companies use this style
o E.g. "Marketing director", "Production director" etc.
o Large manufacturers who make lots of different products
o E.g. "Toys", "Clothing", "Furniture"
o Multinational companies use this
o E.g. "Global", "North American" "Europe"

A business…


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