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Sources of data
Direct/original source data
When data is obtained directly
Questionnaires- collect data from people. Simple to fill in, can be on paper
or online
Face to face interviews- collect a greater depth of data
Observations- data gatherer observes what is happening during a process
or event
advantages disadvantages
data is more reliable as comes directly Takes up data gatherers time and
from source effort
Get exact data you need Data gathering can be expensive as you
can hire other companies to collect it
for you
Only need to gather as much or as little May involve having to purchase
data you need equipment such as data loggers and
Know where data came from so you can May not be possible to gather original
tell how reliable it is data due to amount of time it takes- if
you want to know how much rainfall
occurs in a year then it will take a year
to collect it
Can sell data for other purposes
Indirect sources of data
Data that's been collected for one reason but is then used for something
Example: online shops can store your details and then sell them to other
stores to get extra business
advantages disadvantages
Takes less time to gather than direct Don't know exactly where data came
data from, so it could be unreliable
Cheaper to obtain than direct data May have to buy it from a specialist
company which is expensive
Makes extra use of data you already Only a small part of information needed
have by processing it for a different so you have to extract the data you
use need which takes time
Archiving ensures all data collected is May not be able to obtain exactly what
available for other uses you need


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