Sonnet notes pre 1914 poems

brief notes on sonnet and devices used

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He was a farmer, not classically educated. The poem is about the beauty of summer. It is a
list of things he likes
The poem shows a childlike sense of innocent pleasure in very simple natural things. Perhaps
in the modern world they are too simple for us after a few minutes we find them boring.
But we may envy those who can find this simple delight
John Clare is a technically unsophisticated writer.
He is able to use the iambic pentameter line but in a mechanical and repetitive way so we
find the simple opening used again and again: "I love to see" (twice), "I like", "I love", "And"
(three times) and "Where" (twice).
There are rhyming couplets ­ uncharacteristic of a sonnet
`sailing to the north' ­ journey, sense of direction it is relaxed
`stain' `gold' ­ smooth sounds, it is gentle
Assonance `hook wood'
Anthropomorphosis ­ `insects happy wings'
Imagery Clare uses imagery to focus on the sights of nature that give him so much
pleasure. In the first line, summer is personified as 'beaming forth'. Clare does not imagine
animals and plants, but records them as he sees them. He uses the common country dialect


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