Sonnet 43

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Sonnet 43 Point Example Effect
Petrarchan sonnet Sonnets are traditionally written about love and have a strict Iambic Pentameter rhythm
Octave and sestet
Enjambment `I love thee to the depth and breadth Enjambment shows love flows beyond the limit as it flows over the line.
Repetition of height My soul can reach...' Repetition of `I love thee' adds pace to the poem and enforces the joyous mood of a woman who
Language of measurement `I love thee' is sure of her feelings.
Caesura `How do I love thee?', `My soul can
reach', `depth and breadth and Rhetorical question used to show thought as to measuring her feelings for him. `Depth and
height' breadth and height' are all possible mathematical measurements which is then contradicted by
`smiles, tears, of all my life!' saying `My soul can reach' as this is immeasurable, much like love.
Use of caesura suggests excitement and passion from the speaker.
Metaphors `depth and breadth and height' The speaker describes the extent of her love to a 3 dimensional area
Light and religious imagery `Being', `Ideal Grace', `Sun and `Sun and candle light' is used to represent night and day. Religious imagery suggests her strict
religious upbringing and concepts of which the high-minded Victorians would approve.
Iambic pentameter `smiles, tears, of all my life!' The rhythm is broken in some places such as `smiles, tears, of all my life!' which shows her over
Follows Italian sonnet rhyme scheme enthusiasm as she gets so passionate that she forgets the rhythm.
Flattering `I shall love thee better after death' Poem does not mention any of his faults and only focuses on her love for him
Passionate `Smiles, tears, of all my life!' She runs away with herself when discussing him
Romantic `I love thee purely' Message: Love is transcendent beyond the physical.
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