Sonnet 116 Edexcel Relationships

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Context 15th century poem by Shakespeare
Voice/Perspective From Shakespeare first person
o Written to a man
Very formal
o Rhyme, rhythm, structure, language
Situation Exploring the nature of being `in love'
o Many about love being a permanent, unchanging thing,
though things around it (age, hardship)
Development of Starts with confident ideas about love and relationships
thoughts/ feelings o Line 2 + 3 suggest real love is permanent
o Exclamation shows confidence in his ideas
O, no!
Though there is a storm through life, Love is never shaken
o Love sails through + is unchanged
Time cuts us down
o Good looks (rosy lips and cheeks) will fade as we age
o Time cannot affect love
Love's not Time's fool
True love is permanent
Last line suggests again is confident
o MUST be true because he has written poem .:. the ideas
must be correct
Themes True love is a permanent force that does not change and keeps
us going through life
Language elements Metaphor
o Love is a star to every wandering bark
Love is needed to navigate
Always there (like the North Star)
Can depend on real love
Personification of Time
o Time's fool makes time seem alive
o Remover to remove
o Alters when it alterations find (assonace)
Emphasises the points Shake. Is making
Form/ Structure Sonnet
o 14 lines
Has an alternating rhyme scheme

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Rhyming couplet at end puts emphasis
on the idea it suggests
o Often used for poems about love
Formal pattern
o Sestet, octet, Iambic pentameter
o 10 ish syllables in each line (11 in some, 9 in others)
Caesura in last line creates pause and highlights nor no man
ever loved…read more


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