Sonnet 116

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Sonnet Point Example Effect Poems to compare to
Elizabethan sonnet It is written in a tight 14 line structure of 3 quatrains and a
rhyming couplet. The last 2 lines follow the structure of an
Elizabethan sonnet because it includes a `turn' which either
shifts the mood or meaning of the poem, or asserts some sort of
Enjambment `marriage of true minds admit The poet uses enjambment to link `marriage' and impediments
Caesura impediments' together which echoes the wording of the marriage ceremony. `a
Archaic language `impediments; love is not love' marriage of true minds' suggests that this is not a physical
Personification `tempests'
marriage between bodies but an idealistic and platonic, the
`Love's not time's fool'
adjective `true' meaning faithful and unchanging.
Caesura creates a barrier between the words `impediments' and
`love' so as to create a literal block to stop impediments from
affecting love.
Archaic language reflects the time period as to which the poem is
written in.
The poet personifies both time and love, which separates them to
contrast them against one another to show that although time
alters most things and the beauty of youth has to change, or the
Grim Reaper cuts down our lives and years with his `bending
sickle'. But if love remains constant , then hours and weeks seem
short and time is powerless, even to death or the end of the world
(Judgement Day)
Life, weather, death, youth, time, and nautical `sickle's compass', `a star to every wand'ring `sickles compass' creates imagery of the Grim Reaper and death.
imagery bark', `tempests', `rosy lips and cheeks', `It This suggests that love will not be altered with death.
Metaphors is the star' `a star to every wand'ring bark' shows that love leads the way, or
`an ever fixed mark/ That looks on tempests
almost guides you through life as a `bark' is a ship which uses
and is never shaken'
stars for navigation.
`rosy lips and cheeks' Suggests youth however as enjambment is
used to link it to the line that creates imagery of death, it
suggests that never changes even as youth dies.
Alternate rhyme and rhyming couplet `come', `doom' Although this is a half rhyme, it is supposed to be a full rhyme
Iambic pentameter `no' since pronunciation of words was different in the Elizabethan
Rhyming couplet suggests unity at the end of the poem as they
are linked.
The rhythm stresses the word `no' on the last line which gives
the reader the impression that the poet is daring the reader to

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The iambic pentameter also allows the poet to put across his own
mood and feelings, to give the impression that he is speaking in
his own defence that it would ridiculous to accuse him of not
knowing what true love is.…read more


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