Sonata for Horn Notes

Hopefully useful notes on the Poulenc set work.

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Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone
Lived in Paris most of his life
Paris interesting place to be in the early 20th century­ Stravinsky after he
moved out of Russia
Musically he is quite interesting ­ all innovations emerging ­ slightly
dissonant, quite rhythmic
Interested in the popular music of the day ­ interesting mixture of things
going on
Piece of neoclassical music
Quite short
Structure was based on short simple forms
Harmony is quite similar to 18th but spiced up with colourful chords
Melody's were often diatonic and tonal
Rhythms however showed the jazz influences ­ syncopated, complex,
change of time signatures
This piece is viewed as light hearted
Trumpet has very wide leaps and a large range
One point plays a low F# which is the lowest anyone can go
The trumpet is the main solo and melodic instrument however the horn
takes over at times
Umpa at bar 40 ­ trumpet and trombone
Trombone ­ awkward leaps ­ b.30 ­ awkward change of beat
Horn ­ low range ­ b.74 ­ sounds a concert G
Melody Dominated Homophony
Horn and trumpet join in a two part texture ­ 5th apart ­ towards the end
Monophonic b.22
Last bar in unison
Sonata form
A ­G major ­ main theme in bars 18 ­ modulated to D major ­
917/1721 ­ themes aren't linked too much to the opening ­ b.22 get the
opening theme but much slower with a sense of a minor key
B ­ b.26 ­ new slower theme in Eb major
39 ­ little linking section ­ condenza for the trumpet
58 ­ back to section A ­ back in the key of G
73 ­ subsidiary themes returning
86 ­ coda

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Fundamentally tonal, there is a sense of a home key
Starts in G major
Frequent discords and chromatic notes which weaken the sense of key.
This was common in neoclassical music
Modulates to very remote keys
Middle section is in Eb major
B.14 modulates to Bb
Returns to the tonic key at b.58 for the remaining theme
Three single note instruments, no chordal instrument
Sounds quite bare in terms of harmonic texture
Mess about with harmony. B.…read more


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