Something's Coming - Bernstein (Basic Analysis)

A useful table full of general information on Bernstein's Something's Coming from West Side Story


(M= melody A= Accompaniment D= Dynamics T= Texture S= Structure H= Harmony              I= Instruments R= Rhythm T= Tonality S= Speed)

Useful for anyone doing the GCSE Edexcel Music course... enjoy! :)

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Jessica Bernstein Madtshirts

Melody The voice is quite repetitive and is usually a one or two bar
pattern repeated.
There are many leaps in the melody making it sound jumpy
Three musical ideas:
1. Opening syncopated Melody (`Could it be?')
2. Forceful, punchy theme to `Something's coming'
3. Warmer, more…

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Jessica Bernstein Madtshirts

Composed by Leonard Bernstein for West Side Story in 1957, in the genre of a
The piece is sung by the lead male Tony, who is a tenor voice and his part is an octave
lower than what is written.
Word Painting used when the lyrics…


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