Some Terms You Need to Know Bio

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Some terms you need to know
LO: Explain the terms genotype, phenotype, dominant, recessive,
codominant, linkage.
Genotype-is the genetic, makeup of an organism, the alleles an organism has (e.g. eye colour)
Phenotype-is the characteristics the alleles produce (e.g. blue eyes, black fur)
Dominant- alleles with a capital letter e.g. B. Dominant alleles whose characteristics are present
in the phenotype even when there is only one copy.
Recessive- if allele is only expressed in the phenotype only in the presence of another identical
allele or in the absence of a dominant allele
Codominant-if two alleles contribute to the same phenotype of a heterozygote
Linkage-refers to two or more genes that are located on the same chromosome


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