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Algebra and function
am x a n = ab = a x b a1/m = ma
am ÷ an = am- a0 = 1 an/m = man
a/b = a/b
a-m = 1/am (am)n = amn…read more

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Algebra and function
To rationalise surds:
· 1/a multiply the top and the bottom by a
· 1/a+b multiply the top and bottom by a-b
· 1/a-b multiply the top and bottom by a+b
x2-y2 = (x+y)(x-y)
The square root of a
prime number is a surd…read more

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Quadratic functions
x2 + bx = (x+b/2)2 ­(b/2)2
x = ­b±(b2 -4ac)/2a
General shape of a
quadratic graph:
A<0…read more

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Equations and inequalities
Solving simultaneous Solving simultaneous
linear equations by linear equations by
elimination: substitution:
2x+3y=8 3x-y=23 2x-y=1 4x+2y=-30
2x+3y=8 A 9x-3y=69 B y=2x-1 into the other
B+A 11x=77 x=7 equation.
14+3y=8 2x+2(2x-1)=-30
3y=8-14 y=-2 4x+4x-2=-30
When you multiply or 8x=-28 x=-3.5
divide an inequality by a y=2(-3.5)-1=-8 y=-8
negative number, you X -4x-5=0
need to change the (x+1)(x-5)=0
inequality sign to its x=-1, 5
opposite.…read more


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