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Quadratic equations can be solved using a variety of different methods.
All these methods will be explained in great detail on the following slides.…read more

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· x² +2x-15
First of all, we have to find two numbers which multiply to give -15 and add
up to give 2.
The following are: +1 -15, -1 +15, +3 -5, -3 +5
You try all of them and see which ones you multiply together, gives you an
answer of -15 and which ones when you add, gives you +2.
The one which fits, is -3 and +5
You then put these values into brackets.
(x-3) (x+5)
This would be your final answer. (This is just factorising and not solving).…read more

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Completing the square!!!
· x² + 8x + 7 = 0
(x + 4)2 ­ 9 = 0
(x + 4)2 = 9
x + 4=30R x + 4=-3
x = -1 x = -7…read more

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Quadratic Formula!!!
Substitute the numbers into the place of the a, b and c.
For example, 3x² - 5x=1
a= 3, b=-5 and c= -1
Then you substitute these values into the formula.…read more

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Solving using graphs!!!
· Quadratic equations can be solved using a
graph. Plot the points on a graph. Then you
check where the curve crosses the x-axis and
these would be your final solutions. You should
have two solutions.
· If there is a straight line also involved as well as
a curve, you check where the curve crosses the
line (at 2 places) and where it does cross the
line, would be your two solutions.…read more

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The End!!!
Thankyou for watching!!!…read more


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