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Solvent, Solute, Soluble, Solubility, Saturated Solution…read more

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The solvent is the
substance in which
the solute dissolves
in to form a
Water is the
universal solvent
because it dissolves
so many other
chemicals.…read more

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The solute is the
substance that
dissolves in the
solvent to form a
Think salt in the sea.
The salt is the
solute ­ it is
dissolved in the
solution.…read more

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Something that is
soluble describes a
solute that
dissolves easily in a
This is the opposite
of insoluble.
Coffee is soluble in
water.…read more

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The amount of a solute
which dissolves in a
particular amount (100g)
of solvent at a known
temperature is the
The solubility of a solid
usually increases with
The solubility of a solute
in water, or any other
solvent, is usually given in
grams of solute per 100
grams of water (or
solvent) at that
temperature.…read more

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Saturated Solution
A saturated
solution is exactly
that ­ a solution that
is so saturated that
no more solute can
dissolve in the
The saturation point
is the point at which
no more solute can
dissolve in the…read more


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